Doctor of Science in Linguistics and in Human Physiology,


E-mail: tatiana.chernigovskaya@gmail.com


office: St. Petersburg State University, Philological Faculty. Universitetskaya Emb. 11. 199034, St-Petersburg, Russia Tel./FAX (7-812) 328 95 10; E-mail: tatiana.chernigovskaya@gmail.com

PhD in Physiology in 1977 and Doctor of Science in Linguistics and in Physiology in 1993 at I. Sechenov Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences.

Present position: Professor of the Department of General Linguistics, St. Petersburg State University. Head of the Research Department of General Linguistics. Head of the Laboratory for Cognitive Studies, St. Petersburg State University. Head of Cognitive Studies Program, St. Petersburg State University / Bard College, USA. Associate Director of Kurchatov NBIC-center, Area Director for Cognitive Sciences. A member of the Council for Science and Education of the President of Russian Federation.

Positions held: Since 1972 working for I.Sechenov Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences Since 1995 - Professor and head of the Research Department of General Linguistics and the Laboratory for Cognitive Studies at St. Petersburg State University. Was standing for corresponding member of Russian Academy of Sciences in 1997 and 2011. Teaches courses in Psycho- and Neurolinguistics; special seminars on cerebral basis for language and cognition. Supervisor for graduate, post-graduate and PhD students; consulting teachers, AI developers and speech therapists.

Member of the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters.

Honorary member of the Semiotic Society of Finland.

President of Russian Association for Cognitive Studies (2008-2010).

Honorary Scientist of Russian Federation.

Honorary Scholar of Higher Education of Russia.

Memberships: International Neuropsychological Society; International Language Origins Society; International Society of Phonetic Sciences; International Semiotic Studies Association; Russian National Association of Artificial Intelligence; Russian National Physiological Society; Cognitive Science Society; International Society of Applied Psycholinguistics; Linguistic Society of St. Petersburg. A member of the Steering Committee of the Nordic Neurolinguistic Network; of European Cognitive Science Steering Group. Member of Presidium of Russian Association for the Advancement of Science (RAAS) .

Member of the Editorial Board:
Journal of Language and Language Behavior ( Linguistic Society of St. Petersburg)
Sensory Systems (Russian Academy of Sciences)
I.M. Sechenov Journal of Physiology of Russia (Russian Academy of Sciences)
Journal of Philosophy (Russian Academy of Sciences)
Journal of Artificial Intelligence (Russian Academy of Sciences)
International scientific committee for series Grammaire et Cognition (Paris, CNRS, France)

Scholarships: a grantee of J.William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship (1998) and of Russian State Scholarship for Outstanding Scientists (1998-2001)

Organiser of International Conferences: 'Cultural Norms: A Multiple View' (St. Petersburg, Russia, 1993); Annual Meeting of the Language Origins Society (St.Petersburg, Russia, 1993); Russian-American Conference 'Sensory Biology and Biosensors: Evolutionary Perspective (St. Petersburg, 1995); Nordic Neurolinguistic Network Workshop (St. Petersburg,1999); 'Homo Legens Scribensque' (St. Petersburg, 2002); First Russian Conference on Cognitive Science (Kazan, 2004), The Second Biennial Conference on Cognitive Science, June 9–13, 2006, St. Petersburg; The 3rd Biennial Conference on Cognitive Science, Moscow 2008; Organizer of an Invited Symposium in the area of LANGUAGE and BRAIN, to take place in the EuroCogSci07 (Delphi, Greece, May 23-27, 2007) and of an Invited Symposium "Evolution of Theory of Mind: Neurosemiotic and Cultural Dimensions of Understanding the Other" within the 9th World Congress of IASS/AIS "Communication: Understanding/Misunderstanding" (University of Helsinki and International Semiotics Institute at Imatra.11-17 2007); 10th World Congress of Semiotics è (Coruna, Spain, 2009), Cognitive congress, Tomsk 2010; Non-linear Dynamics in Cognitive Studies, Nizhnij Novgorod 2011; St. Petersburg Winter Symposium on Experimental Studies of Speech and Language (The Night Whites Language Workshop), December 16-17, 2011; Consciousness and Mind in Multidisciplinary perspective, Moscow 2012; The 5th Biennial Conference on Cognitive Science, Konigsberg 2012.

Group leader of international and national grants. Currently sponsored by grants from: Russian Foundation for Basic Research, Russian Scientific Foundation for Research in Humanities and Ministry of Education of Russia.

Invited lecturer in many European and North American Universities.

Major research interests: cerebral basis for linguistic and cognitive functions; artificial intelligence; language evolution, acquisition and pathology; analytical philosophy.

Languages: Russian: native; English: fluent in speaking, reading, writing; German, French: reasonable in reading and understanding.

Academy of Sciences Award for popularizing scientific knowledge (2008). Multiple participation in pop-science TV and radio programs, public lectures and movies.

Mass Media Appearances, Public Lectures & Publications (see also)

TV programs and documentaries

     NTV channel (Russia), A. Gordon’s project:

Two Brains (T. Chernigovskaya, K. Anokhin). December 19, 2001.

Virtual Models of the World (T. Chernigovskaya, S. Enikolopov). February 5, 2002.

Brain and Culture (T. Chernigovskaya, P. Tulviste). June 4, 2002.

Cognitive Science (T. Chernigovskaya, B. Velichkovsky). November 11, 2002.

     CULTURE channel (Russia), project Black Square (Intellectual Talk-Show):

Human Head. February 2, 2004.

     RUSSIA channel (Russia), project Evident-Unevident

Genome of Reasoning (T. Chernigovskaya, K. Anokhin). June 14, 2007.

Do animals think? (T. Chernigovskaya, Z. Zorina). September 10, 2007.

     NTV, The School for Scandal

Issue 17, January 28, 2008. T. Chernigovskaya.

     Channel 5, Progress with Pavel Lobcov

T. Chernigovskaya, K. Anokhin. February 17, 2008.

     VOT, Probability Theory

T. Chernigovskaya. February 27, 2008.

T. Chernigovskaya, S. Medvedev. July 3, 2008.

     The Misteries of Dream. The Moon Hostages (documentary with T. Chernigovskaya)

Radio Programs

     Radio Russia, St. Petersburg (Russia), Milieu Scientifique (Scientific Wednesday)

1st Wednesday, The Program on Science, Its Current Achievements and Problems (the guest is T. Chernigovskaya). October 4, 2006.

     Radio Petersburg (Russia), Scientific program “The Starting Point” (the guest is T. Chernigovskaya). July 9, 2007.


Schizophrenia as a ‘Price for Language’. An interview to “St. Petersburg University”, N 3, February 24, 2005.

Riddles… An interview to “The City” («Город»). N 40, November 14, 2005.

Portraits: T. Chernigovskaya In “Sobaka.ru” («Собака.ru»), March 62, 2006.

If We Discover How the Brain Works, We Will Understand How the World Works. An interview to “St. Petersburg University”, N 10-11, May 26, 2006.

Storming the Brain. An interview to “Expert North-West” («Эксперт Северо-Запад»). N 20(273), May 29, 2006. Modification of this interview under another title “June 9-13, International Forum in Cognitive Science” published in “Psychological Newspaper” on June 8, 2006.

Intelligence attacked. An interview to “Scientific American” («В мире науки»), N 7, July 2006.

Don't underestimate the Ape. An interview to “The City” («Город»), N 39, October 30,2006.

(1) Cerebral Asymmetry in Humans and Animals, (2) Language and Thinking. An interview to the Editor-in-chief of The Publishing House “Languages of Slavonic Culture” Alexey Koshelev. April 2007.

The Mystery of the Brain. An interview to “MK in Peter” («МК в Питере»), May 9 2007.

Biosemiotics, Neurosemiotics and Language acquisition. An interview to La FMSH et l'ESCoM vous souhaitent la bienvenue sur le site des Archives Audiovisuelles de la Recherche (Paris).

The Battles on the Field of Cognitive Science. An interview to “Expert: Russian Reporter”, September, 2007.

A Person Without Handwriting. An interview to “Business Petersburg”, December, 2007.

Mind as a Juzz Improvisation. An interview to “New Newspaper”, July, 2008.

Popular talks and papers

Psycho- and Neurolinguistics. A lecture recorded for the project ‘Sound Encyclopedia’, St. Petersburg branch of G. Soros Foundation, 2001. The Library of Auditorium Portal.

Symmetric Males vs. Asymmetric Females: Which Eye Shall We Wink with, or Green Melancholy. Reprinted by St. Petersburg Institute of Humanistic Psychology.

Communication is a Trade… An interview to “Etiquette and Protocol”, N 5-6, 2005.

Dangerous Territory. An interview to “Scientific American” («В мире науки»), March 2006.

Reading the Scroll Again. Moscow News, N 15, April 2006.

Language and Brain Development in Children. A Round Table at The Center for the Development of Russian Language (Moscow) “Practice and Perspectives of School Education in the Context of Current Achievements in Brain Science”. May 23, 2006.

Language is developing. What about us? (with Svjatoslav Medvedev). Moscow News, N 30, Augusr 11, 2006.

A paper on laughter and its evolutionary and cognitive basis. “Literary Cubes”, («Литературные кубики»), vol. 3, 2007.

Discussion at “Days of Science in St. Petersburg”: Basic Research. Human Dimension. Organized by “The Dynasty Foundation of Dmitry Zimin”, May 14-16 2007.

Why the Brain Exploded... Moscow News, N 23, June 15 2007.

Can you Guide the Brain? Cafe Scientifique, June 22, 2006 (Moscow).

Portraits: Tatiana Chernigovskaya. Russian Language, Literature and Cultural Studies.

Genii know... (subjective notes on achievments of scientific top ten). Scientific American, February.

A Mirror for the Brain (through interviewing T. Chernigovskaya and K. Anohkin). N 5, May, 2008.

T. Chernigovskaya: If scientific schools are lost, it will take decades to restore them. , February, 2008. Public Lectures on Neurolinguistics at the Faculty of Psychology (St. Petersburg State University), April 12-15, 2005.

Language, Mind & Brain in Cognitive Perspective. Discussion, organized by the faculties of Psychology, Philology, Philosophy and Medicine (St. Petersburg State University), October 26, 2005.

Language and Cognitive Development of Children. Public lecture for St. Petersburg Academy of Post-Graduate Education. May 20, 2006.

Language, Brain and Computer Metaphor. Public lecture at a Meeting of The Scientific Council for Methodology of Artificial Intelligence at Russian Academy of Sciences. November 29, 2006, Moscow.

Round Table Discussion at the Symposium “Brain and Mind. Recent Data and Their Role in Artificial Intelligence Research”, Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences, November 30, 2006, Moscow.

Language, Brain and Learning. Public lecture for Hertzen Russian State Pedagogical University, April 20, 2007, St. Petersburg.

More than 300 PUBLICATIONS (a list in .DOC format, 570 Kb), among them:

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