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The following books, which are part of a donation by the German Hertie Foundation, Frankfurt, granted to Prof. Dr. Ursula Stephany, University of Cologne, Germany, to the library of the Dept. of General Linguistics of the State University of Saint Petersburg have been forwarded to us by Dr. Maria D. Voeikova, Russian Academy of Sciences, Saint Petersburg, and are being integrated into our library:
  1. Aarts, B. et al. (eds.), Fuzzy Grammar. ISBN:0199262578
  2. Anderson, S.R. & Lightfoot, D.W., The Language Organ. ISBN:0521007836
  3. Baker, Lexical Categories. ISBN:0521001102
  4. Bertolo, S. (ed.), Language Acquisition and Learnability. ISBN:0521646200
  5. Blommaert, Discourse. ISBN:052153531X
  6. Bowerman, M. & Levinson, S. C, Language Acquisition and Conceptual Development. ISBN:0521596599
  7. Brown, Politeness. ISBN:0521313554
  8. Christiansen, M.H. & Kirby, S., Language Evolution: The State of the Art. ISBN:0199244847
  9. Corbett, Gender. ISBN:052133845X
  10. Corbett, Number. ISBN:0521649706
  11. Edmondson, W., Twelve Lectures on Second Language Acquisition, Foreign Language Teaching and Learning Perspectives. ISBN:3823349422
  12. Handbook of the International Phonetic Association. ISBN:052163 7511
  13. Heine, ¬., Language Contact. ISBN:0521608287
  14. Muysken, P., Bilingual Speech. ISBN:0521771684
  15. Senft, G., Systems of Nominal Classes. ISBN:0521770750
  16. Shibatani, M. & Bynon, Th. (eds.), Approaches to Language Typology. ISBN:0198238665
  17. Siewierska, Person. ISBN:0521776694
  18. Traugott, E.C. & Dasher, R.B., Regularity in Semantic Change. ISBN:0521583780
  19. Van Valin, R.D. Jr., An Introduction to Syntax. ISBN:0521635667
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